30 weeks + 4 days

Yesterday was full of preggo errands, like IV fluids from being all pukey town, today was full of running toddler girls to dance rehearsals! Every day is an adventure! Mom lyfe! Haha! I mentioned a few days ago on Instagram how I’m pleased when I can find something that fits over this baby bump! I would add to that, I like finding pieces that I can wear during and after pregnancy! {There’s this amateur video on dressing the bump! Haha!} I haven’t ever bought a TON of maternity clothes, and they aren’t always flattering, {although they’ve come a seriously long way the past couple of years! Haha.} I’m not even that picky when it comes to clothes, I just want it to be comfortable and not expensive. And done. I’ve also mentioned before that I’m not a fashion blogger! Haha! I in no way claim to have the best style out there, but I guess the fact that I have to wear clothes every day {err, I mean at least the days I leave the house, haha} that it entitles me to some sort of opinion! Haha! Outfit is linked here if you’re signed up for Like To Know It: http://liketk.it/2rqay


Lantern Shirt: {HERE}

Jeans: {HERE}

Shoes: {These are from Jane..com, but since the deal is over, similar ones at the same price point are HERE.}



Also! I’m a lover of a good deal, so this website that the shirt is from is having a pretty good summer sale right now!  $5 off of 50, $15 off of $105, and $40 off of $200. I have been thinking about doing a video with my recent “haul,” I guess you could say, from there, so let me know if that would be interesting to anyone! Haha! Shop the site HERE

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