Aug.25.19 Sweet Sunday Summary

Today, we got to visit the church building where we attended for seven years to support two amazing missionaries we love so much! It always fills my cup to see friends who became family and feel “home.”

Transitions can be hard, even when it’s a positive thing, but I am so grateful that we can be grounded in Christ wherever we are. In Him we have a sure foundation, and love that never fails.???? Also, not sure where half of the kids are looking, but there was probably a deer outside the RV window!????????

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A couple of things stuck out in particular today. Here are some quotes that were mentioned and thoughts that I had during the lessons/sermons:

True Conversion isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

When we have questions, (which we CAN and SHOULD,) where are we looking for answers??? If we have questions about spiritual things, are we taking it to God, the scriptures, or holy sources? Or are we taking it to google? I have a friend who, after having one of her babies and while experiencing PPD, started reading articles on facebook and via other forms of media that made her question her beliefs. It became more and more until she felt silly even saying the words, “God” or “Satan” out loud, and she didn’t believe what she once had anymore. (Her story is beautiful, I’ll ask her if I can share more or if she’ll share it or has shared it somewhere, because she’s been pretty open about it!) Then, at some pivotal moment, she made a deal with herself that anytime she read something that fueled her fire against her beliefs, that she would spend an equal amount of time with something positive. If an article came up on facebook and she clicked it, or spent an hour researching things contrary, that she would also spend an hour with “God.” This happened until she slowly gained back a testimony of the truths she had once believed and she didn’t have a desire for the negative anymore. She then launched a beautiful and faith-filled women’s conference to help OTHER women sustain their testimonies.

If and WHEN we question what and why we believe something, do we go to the right source for this knowledge and confirmation? Are we feasting in the scriptures, supplicating good books? Or, as someone mentioned today, are we falling to our knees and “engaging in the wrestle?” as Sheri Dew would put it in her book Worth the Wrestle? Or do we go purely by facebook posts or internet searches?

How are we working on our conversion? Is it a daily effort? You know that saying that if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward? It’s popular in the “self help” world, but I’ve always felt the same way about a testimony and have experienced it first-hand. If I’m not reaching for something that fills my spiritual cup regularly, it could be days, weeks, or months, but eventually I have felt the distance that is created by this. BUT, the same is true the other way. A little bit of effort when it comes to getting to know and love my Savior and feel that love in return, goes a LONG way and I appreciate feeling closer rather than further away. “True conversion isn’t easy, but it is worth it.”

Happy Sunday, friends!XOSarah

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