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Today’s post is a little bit different, but it means a whole lot!<3

Adoption is something that has always felt close to my heart. Even though we have not adopted and I’m not adopted, I have so many close friends who are and also so many close friends who have and are struggling with heartbreaking infertility who have chosen this route to grow their families! Also, being pregnant with our 5th baby right now, just mention the word and I turn into a puddle of tears, let alone read the stories! It’s such a special thing for so many people! 

There are SO many deserving and loving couples who are looking to adopt, and today I want to talk about one of them! My cute husband went to high school with Sarah, and in people sharing their story, the hope is that a birth mom will be found who finds them the right fit for her baby. I will share the link to their blog below, but here is one touching excerpt from their bio:

“We have struggled for many years with infertility. After several rounds of fertility treatments and several miscarriages, we were left with heartache and loss. It was often hard to keep hoping. Through our suffering, we gained more compassion and love for each other and for others. We learned to be grateful under any circumstance. During this time we prayed a lot and know that God was leading us to adoption. One thing we have learned is that sometimes our plans don’t match God’s plans and His are by far greater and better. From the moment we decided to take this path, we have been praying for our baby and for you.

Your child will be loved unconditionally, not just by us, but also by our dear friends and family. He or she will also know the love that you have for them. We believe the more people loving a child the better. We want our little one knowing and embracing their story. We would love to develop a relationship with you that includes updates (letters, email, pictures, facetime, texts) and occasional visits. We would love to be able to consider you family but also are understanding if you prefer differently. We are open to discuss and work out a type of relationship that fits all of us. No matter what type of relationship, he or she will always know the love that you have for them. We will do whatever it takes to make sure he or she feels safe, happy, and loved. We are truly honored to become parents.

You are a courageous person to consider adoption, and to go through all these profiles to find the right fit. We can only imagine how hard this all must be. We know you be guided in your decision making.

This is just a glimpse of who we are. We look forward and are excited to get to know you! Please feel free to check out our fb page and you are more than welcome to contact us. Our email address is rsadopt@gmail.com. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.


Rob & Sarah”

Find their blog HERE, and if you or someone you know is looking to place a baby for adoption, please don’t hesitate to contact them, or feel free to message me and I can put you in touch!:)



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