Those who you serve!

As I was making dinner for my family tonight, I remembered that phrase that I’m sure we’ve all heard, “You love who you serve.” It totally clicked as to one of the many reasons why Mamas love their kids so stinkin’ much! We give everything, day in and day out, not to mention those nights. It’s a full-time [plus] job [with amazing benefits, of course!] My salary comes in the form of a squishy two year old saying, “I love you, Mom.” and then singing Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me. Or a 4 year old telling me all about his Lego contraption. Or a 3 year old telling me that my hair is so pretty and asking if she can change her clothes [again.] And 9 month old giggles and dimples; watching them learning how to stand, give kisses, and go up stairs. And I wouldn’t have it any.other.way. Sure, there are times when “other ways” seem really appealing, namely during those exhausted, end-of-your-rope days where you question your sanity when thinking that starting a family would be a good idea, but those feelings are short, [and usually eased by a little bit of food and sleep] and even necessary to come back to what you have and realize it’s more than you could even ask for or deserve. Today I watched 8 little eyes look at each other and laugh as we watched a movie. I wanted so badly to bottle them up and keep them this age, this stage, this way forEVER! No matter how hard these long days can be while we wait for Daddy to get home, they are also so short! My one pregnancy “complaint” [aside from being sick,] is that I don’t feel 100% to be the best mom I want to be with my usual energy and spice [and motivation] for making things fun. I don’t want 10 months of pregnancy to fly by in a fog of exhaustion and puke and simultaneously miss 10 months of perfect babies getting older and changing! So I soak up what I can, and the bright side is that sitting on the couch or floor right at their level makes the said soaking up a little bit easier! Hahaha!:)

Besides the serving our babies and husbands with things that may seem routine, we also serve by the little sacrifices that we make. Big or small; whether it’s the pregnancy: carrying, nourishing, and caring about them long before even meeting; or once they are born and growing: choosing them over other things, putting their needs as a priority no matter how tired or haggard we may feel! Haha! Moms serve is so many ways, and I think it just makes our capacity to love grow bigger and bigger. We love those who we serve, and starting in the home feels like a pretty great place to cultivate love. <3



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