Real Moms Real Hacks!

HI! Attention all Mamas or lovers of Chatbooks! Haha!


Who doesn’t love learning easier ways to do things, or ways to make parenting just a little bit easier! My friend Vanessa Quigley has a new book out called #RealMomsRealHacks that launched yesterday! It’s entertaining and smart, and I haven’t even made my way through all 107 yet!:)

Vanessa has been one of my Mama idols since before the day I met her. With 7 kids, she makes it look flawless, but is so real and down to earth! Love that lady!

 Learn more at RealMomsRealHacks.com.

While you’re there on the Chatbooks site, as always, you can use the code SARAHC for your first series book free or a percentage off of a custom order or print!:)



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