Postpartum Workout

For me, getting the motivation to get to the gym after baby 5 has been rough. Okay, let’s be honest, after every baby. Haha! I have the desire to have the desire, if that makes sense, but the energy to actually do it hasn’t been there. But, my 10 month old slept through the night for the first real time a few weeks ago {yes, 10 month old. Hahaha. But she’s our baby right now and I wasn’t pushing the issue because I was soaking up all the nighttime cuddles and feedings. BUT, I was admittedly exhausted. And my toddlers don’t sleep much better, so we’re kind of used to it!:) Haha!} and it seemed like a good time to start doing things slowly. I went in and got on a bike and it actually felt good. So, cheers to all you Mamas trying to make healthy choices! It’s so not easy, {like I’ve literally had my weight times 10 in ice cream since we’ve moved.} but you’re not alone in it!:)




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