Nursery Wish List

Even though we aren’t in the newborn stage right at the moment, I met members from The Baby Cubby back at the Mama’s Night Out in May, and they were so sweet! I wanted to share just a few of the {so many} neat things that they have in their store!:) So if anything like the DockATot, Owlet Care Monitor, or a bag from my girl Jenna of Coco and Kiwi, is on your list, The Baby Cubby is your place! They have a physical location in Lindon, as well as an online store with super fast shipping!:)

Just a little bit about the company, because I feel like the “why” is always a fun thing to know!

They like people to know that they aren’t just “another baby store!” They are so much more than that, so whether you go in person or see them on social media, their staff is always friendly, happy, and upbeat! Which, let’s be honest is always nice when you’re already overwhelmed with the millions of things that you need to transition to parenthood! Haha! They are for every parent who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. Their team is made up of people who are so knowledgeable and encouraging. They find the safest gear and allow you to test it in their stores! They also have amazing prices, they match Amazon, and offer free shipping over $49 on their website, BabyCubby.com! If you’re a new Mama or Daddy-to-be, this is the place to be! SO excited to share some of my finds with you guys! My DockATot just came in the mail and I’m a little bit giddy since I’ve been wanting to order it for months! Pictures to come! But for now, some of my favorite baby items! With 4 babies in the last 4 years, I’ve come to love a few things!;) Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving week!:)



First things first: SWADDLE! These bamboo swaddles have been my absolute favorite! So soft, and we got the creme colored ones with our first baby and still use them!

Next: Plush Toys! Okay, I’ll be honest, it might be more for me than the babies…but I can’t resist them! Look at this cute pig!

Next: Mama Spray! I found this a few months ago, and carry it in my purse! Because let’s be honest…a shower isn’t ALWAYS a priority on the agenda! Hahaha! Also, their whole line is awesome! I use the all over cream on baby bums and the lotions for me in my purse because they’re so gentle and gently scented!<3

Next: Moccs from Freshly Picked! Another company who has an amazing “WHY!” Susan is incredible, and so are her products! I was so happy to see them at The Baby Cubby!:)

Now for MY wish list… like I said earlier, The DockATot has been at the top for a while, so it will be fun to unwrap it and show you guys!:)

Owlet Monitor! What a genius invention. I didn’t know about it when we had the babies we have now, so for any mama who is losing sleep checking baby constantly, {and it is so normal to worry!} this is so great!

I’d love to hear what finds you love for your babies! If you haven’t checked out The Baby Cubby, or babycubby.com, do! You will love it!



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