Newport Food Roundup!

In October, we went to one of our favorite spots for my Hubby’s 30th Birthday! These are some of our favorite restaurants, and I hope you love them if you get to try them, too! Feel free to add any to the list!:) One that we love but didn’t get to go to on this trip is called “The Beachcomber,” located in Crystal Cove. It’s a quaint place on the beach with delicious food, and here are some more!


This is one of my FAVORITE Mexican restaurants ever. It was my Hubby’s first time, and I was raving about everything. Even the bathroom is so pretty and unique! Hahaha! I always go for the Ceviche {the white fish one} as an appetizer, and I did the Enchiladas Suizas for the Entree! SO. GOOD. And really, I couldn’t even finish it all because the chips and salsa are so dang good. Javier’s is located in the Crystal Cove Shopping Center on the Newport Coast Highway. {Near Trader Joe’s, and Babette’s!}


At the Fashion Island Mall, there is a little cookie place in the food court! COOKIES! I would choose cookies over cake any day, so I was stoked. The Owner was the one helping us, and she was super sweet! Loved getting to meet her!


We were staying at the Balboa Bay Resort, and tried the restaurant for breakfast! Such a good decision, because it was DELICIOUS! I think I have a problem with ordering Eggs Benedict, because I seem to order it almost every time. On a mission to find the best Eggs Benedict in Newport Beach!;)


Of course. Because Cheesecake Factory is always a good idea! Haha!:) I got some sort of Ahi tuna salad, and it was delicious! I usually go for a dish that has salmon, mashed potatoes, lemon, asparagus, and capers, which is amazing. It’s not on the menu all the time, but they are willing to make it sometimes! I’m super low-maintainance at restaurants, so I feel bad even asking, but it’s worth the ask if they have it!:)


We aren’t coffee drinkers, but I love a good Starbucks. During the fall/winter, Peppermint Hot Chocolate is my fave! Since it was still warm in California, they had a sangria herbal tea that I got bubbly with ice! It was super yummy!


Oh man. Disneyland has some pretty good food! This will have to be a whole separate post, but these Turkey Legs are always a must-eat!:)


This one might seem funny, but it’s a tradition. When we stay in the area, we love to go here and get snacks! Since it was October, they had the yummy pumpkin cookies, which is what I’m snacking on here. If we have a fridge, I will grab yogurt, fruit, and applesauce for snacks/breakfast. I like keeping some dry snacks in the car for when we’re driving or sight-seeing!:)


My favorite. For real. When we’re home, I dream of these Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Potatoes. It’s kind of amazing. We tried the hummus, which was also SO good! They also have fresh-pressed juices and breakfast smoothies.


This is super yummy! They also have one in Salt Lake, but I still like going to the one in Newport Beach! I like getting a bunch of appetizers! The cheese platter is SO good, and comes with a delicious fig jam. Prosciutto is one of my favorite foods, and it is super delicious here, and these bacon-wrapped figs were yummy too!:)


These are everywhere there, but we took a moped and went to the one by Balboa Island, off the pier! This Chocolate, Strawberry, Fudge Shake was oh so delicious, and their fries from a paper bag are DELISH, too!:)

AUTHENTIC THAI RESTAURANT (I can’t remember the name! It’s in Balboa Square! It was really yummy, though! This is the only picture I got. Fresh spring rolls with shrimp.)

 85 Degrees C:

Holy cow. This might be one of the best kept secrets. It’s located in the Jamboree shopping district, which is full of Asian restaurants, grocery stores, etc. It is PACKED, but worth it! The milk pastries are IN-credible. Some of our best friends whose daughter came to live with us last summer introduced us to it, and it’s so good. Don’t mind the puffy face, we went to get these after getting massages. Asian Massages are no joke. Hahaha!




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