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I figured it might be time to do another Maskcara post since I only do it like twice a year!;) Hahaha. You guys KNOW I don’t like selling things, {which is why I don’t mention it much,} but since I have yet to find something that I like enough to switch over to, here we are with a little Maskcara refresher! When we were moving, a bag of all my colors except 4 that I was able to scrounge up from different boxes were thrown away. *Insert face palm and whimper here.* I guess I didn’t realize how much a really do like it until it was all in the garbage! {Like hundreds of dollars worth, you guys. This is not a drill! Haha!} Anyway, I still like to mix up products from all brands, but for this look below I didn’t use any other foundation or concealer other than Maskcara! Sometimes I like to throw in some Double Wear foundation {shown in my March GRWM} if I need some serious coverage, *cough, thanks hormones!* but usually I like to keep it light!

Let me know if you have any questions, or send me a picture with no makeup on in natural lighting {like in front of a window!} XO!

  • Maskcara Shades:
  • Contour: Olive
  • Illuminator: Rose Gold
  • Highlight: Wheat
  • Blush: Nude
  • Brush: 30 Second HAC or Detail HAC Brush
  • Click HERE for Maskcara Makeup and search “face” for shades. When you add 4 colors to your cart, you can add a free palette!:)

So even though I kind of miss being able to mix colors and have some fun, I’m pretty impressed with how 4 colors can do the job! Yay!

I did a video on this today, so i’ll try to get that out ASAP, but some people {myself included} have said that they can’t get Maskcara to stay in place! A few thoughts on this… 1. I started using a primer and setting spray and it helped a LOT! Did it fix it completely? No. But I do touch/rub/subconsciously mess with my face and probably don’t totally do my part to keep it there! Haha. BUT on the bright side, I must say that I like the consistency, feel, and ease/functionality of the products enough that I’m willing to reapply. I just try to be prepared if I know I need to, and luckily it’s such a tiny palette that it’s easy to take it wherever in your purse or diaper bag. Maskcara does have a setting spray. It’s good, I like it, but it’s not my absolute FAVORITE EVER, so I picked up the Urban Decay one last week and so far I really like it! I also will TONE before putting on the primer, but I don’t do the MILK moisturizer {from the TRES LECHES line} beforehand. Only at night and in small doses! I love the smell and moisturizing qualities that it has! I have been looking into trying another regimen, so I’ll let you know how that goes if anyone is interested, but I think this will always be in the rotation because I reallllly like it! {Also a fantastic Mother’s Day gift!} So that’s my two cents on that! I’d love to hear what you have to say about it! Let me know on my most recent Instagram post!

Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx



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