How to be an Expert Puker

I started to write this post on New Year’s Eve, and finished it tonight! A month later. That’s lightning speed in Pregnancy Time!;) Haha. So, enjoy. Also, just a disclaimer, the picture at the end and pretty much any online are taken on a day{s} that I was feeling nice and drugged and better than most and didn’t get as sick until later in the day! Funny how deceiving pictures can be sometimes, but for full disclosure, last week my hubby commented on the pajama pants I had worn for 4 days straight and asked {sweetly} if I was planning on changing or showering anytime soon. Haha! This time is rough, Mamas. So beautiful, and rough. So if you’re going through something similar, this is for you!;)


As I sit here on New Year’s Eve in between throw up sessions, I thought it would be fun to write a little post all about puke. Because nothing is more fun than that, right!? It seems like most articles are trying to help you prevent throwing up, but sometimes it’s just not an option! Also, in case you’re new here, I’m not throwing up for the same reasons that many of you cute friends miiiight be throwing up on NYE. My reason is because I’m with child. Not with alcohol. But either way, HERE are my tips for being an Olympian Puker!

1. If all you’ve had for the day before throwing up is water [or applesauce,] then do it in the sink. If you’ve had more than that…then don’t. Trust me, girl. I wouldn’t say this grossness if I didn’t think it was necessary! Hahaha. [Okay, well is any of this truly necessary? No, but we don’t have filters here. We’re all friends.] The reason for the sink is that I feel like it puts less pressure and lets you support yourself better when you’re in the midst of it. Oh, and you’re not hanging on the toilet. And instead of staring at it, you can run the water and pretend like it didn’t even happen.;)

2. If you’ve had a lot of food and not a lot of liquid and you KNOW that throwing up is imminent, drink a glass of water! It’s so miserable, I know! But when it saves your throat because there’s a little bit of lubrication to help that toast come back up, you might be glad you did!

3. A lot of people will say, “When I throw up, I feel better afterwards!” In my case, this isn’t always true since it’s usually a constant string of nausea and throwing up throughout pregnancy, but the truth to that statement is…that if I know I’m going to throw up for sure and it’s almost time to eat, I will wait to eat until I’ve done it at least once. IF on the sometimes occasion that it does make me feel at least a little bit better, I know that I need to replenish as soon as possible. My sweet doctor is most concerned about fluids, which is why she has me on IV therapy, but I always feel better if I’m able to keep something down. That icky weak feeling that you get from being depleted is no fun, so while it’s not always avoidable, I’ve tried hard this pregnancy to eat when I can. So, while you maybe can’t always prevent it, part of being an expert puker might be timing it right! Haha! Which brings me to the next one…

4. Drink when you can. I mean, obviously, right? But here is the craziest paradox. The times I feel the absolute LEAST like eating or drinking are the times I need it MOST. So many times after I have left the hospital from getting IV’s, I have felt hungry. After being replenished, it’s like my brain can focus on something else besides the nausea, and I get the munchies. When I’m more hydrated, I feel like I can eat and drink more, and vice versa. It makes no sense, but maybe someone else will be like that, too!

5. Okay, I guess this is kind of a prevention one, but Diclegis or any other type that will work for you! I’m not someone who loves taking medicine….even Tylenol is rare, but sometimes you need to do what you need to do! This is the first time I have tried deliberately to be consistent with some kind of medication. I tried Zofran with our first baby once or twice, and I felt weird. It gave me a headache and made my tummy hurt with constipation, so I ditched it pretty quickly. I have heard that it has done wonders for others though, so I wouldn’t totally write it off without trying it!:) Phenegran is another common one, and I’ve had it in IV’s before and it KNOCKS me out. I spent the night in the Hospital with Phenegran in my IV, and I legitimiately felt drugged! Haha! Diclegis makes me sleepy too, but I can’t even say it’s on the same scale as the Phenegran! Haha! The Diclegis has been a big blessing to me, even to just take the edge off. I still throw up with it, but it gets me to functioning level and cuts the amount of times down. When we’re talking about throwing up multiple times per day, spending hours in the bathroom or over a garbage bag, I will TAKE those times being cut down. It means more time for snuggles. Over the past 5 years of being pregnant and pukey, I’ve learned how to function on a bare minimum level, but it’s nice to have some extra help, so I’ve been grateful for the Diclegis this pregnancy since I’ve never found anything before that can help even a little bit!

6. Going in the car? Take a bag or a cup with you. Every time. Better yet, just leave it in there! Haha! My hubby is accustomed to pulling over, usually without me even having to say anything because he can tell. But, there are also many a time where we are on a freeway or in a canyon and can’t just “pull over now.” In those instances, those tools are handy dandy. Even last week when we found out the gender of our baby, we pulled over several times on the way there, and several times afterwards. I try as hard as I can to not let it stop me from going places. Sometimes I’m just plain too tired and exhausted and know it’s going to be an extra rough one, so I will sit whatever it is out, but usually I just know ahead of time that it’s likely to happen and it doesn’t ruin my day or evening or date night out. I use a baby wipe to wipe my running mascara and reapply. Or don’t. Usually don’t. Haha! So those items are key! Not saying that you won’t ever hypothetically miss the cup and puke in your hubby’s car that is way nicer than yours is! Not sure who did that a couple of weeks ago!;) Hahaha! So maybe carry baby wipes too. Even on date nights with no baby in sight.:)

I hope one of these things can help someone! Since you definitely wanted to spend your evening talking pro puke tips! I know they are said kind of light-heartedly, and I know it’s hard. If you are going to have to go through this super sickness, just dream about delivery day when you push out a baby and all the puking with it, and then try to be present in the moment and take care of yourself as much as possible, knowing it’s not forever! This is the first pregnancy ever that I’ve called a babysitter over occasionally because I can’t function and need to puke in peace. And I don’t regret it one bit. My kids know that look when I’m about to throw up, and they are so sweet, but they enjoy the break with a sitter every so often too! I posted on my Instagram last week about this subject asking for advice on the subject, and loved everything everyone had to say, so THANK YOU! If there is something that YOU have found to be a miracle-worker for your pregnancy sickness, leave a comment below!:) And, know you’re not alone! So many Mama’s do this to varying degrees, but the amazing thing about women is that we just do it. We somehow find it in our magical unicorn baby-growing selves to do it. Whether that means grabbing a packet of saltines or going in for IV’s and puking until delivery day, we all sacrifice in countless ways to bring these sweet babes into the world, and we can do hard things.<3



Alright fellow Mamas who get morning-scratch that-ALL DAY and NIGHT sickness during pregnancy, {😂} whether at the beginning or the whole time, this is for us. We've talked about it before here, but I thought it was time to get real open and honest about all this fun stuff.😉 I started writing this article on New Year's Eve, and well, 31 days later here we are! Cheers!😂 I usually refrain from giving "advice" because I don't feel qualified to be an advice-giver, but it's all in good fun! And maybe even and hopefully slightly helpful! On thedaintypear.com I'm talking about my 6 tips to being an expert Puker! Let me know what you think, and maybe we can be Olympian 🙊 Mamas together!🏅👊🏼 Link 👉🏼@thedaintypear.🍐 Love all you ladies! #thedaintypear #tdppregnancy

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  1. Unknown says:

    I really enjoyed this write up! Haha! Im emetophobic (Irrational fear of throwing up) so getting pregnant will be no cake walk(as it isn't for anyone). But before I do I've been trying to mentally prep. Hahah! Nothing will prepare me but articles like this are real and I appreciate real and girl power/support. So seriously, thank you! 🙂

    • Sarah || The Dainty Pear says:

      Ashleigh! You are so great, sorry I'm just writing back to this, but I HEAR you, girl! One of {actually, a couple of!} my best friends has the same thing and thinking about getting pregnant is scary because of it! You've got this, and you might even be a lucky one like so many I know who escape the throwing up!:) Thanks for your comment, girl!<3 XO!

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