Gifts for Men!

Okay, here we go! A shmorgusboard {<—is there even a way to spell that!? Haha!} of manly gifts. Currently hoping my hubby does not read this, since it shows pretty much has everything that he will find in his stocking or wrapped up with his name on it! Hahaha! {The suitcases are for both of us!} Anyway, I know sometimes men can be tricky to shop for, so if you’re still looking for some last minute gifts ideas, here we go! Our Anniversary and Christmas are the same week, so I kind of do all of it together, if we even do Anniversary Gifts! Haha. I have been so pregnant and presents were way far in the back of my one-track nauseous mind!;)

Also, the pictures should be clickable and take you right to the product! Also, I got him a custom tie from 21 Rhinos with a picture of us on the back! You can use the code TheDaintyPear for a discount! They ship super quickly, but if you’re planning on one of those for Christmas, I would do it now ASAP!:)



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