Forty-One Main

My cute friends Katie and Jana started a shop called Forty-One Main, where they sell cute, modest clothes! I was talking about this sweater on my Instagram Stories yesterday, because it’s so soft and under $20! I think they told me they are getting their website up, but for now you can order items through their Facebook group: HERE!

Also, I think squishy 3 year old kisses might be better than chocolate!<3 Also, the fact that he buttons his buttons on the wrong button, but he’s so determined to do it himself, makes that little cardigan even cuter! Hahaha! Love this little guy! ALSO, just so we can be clear with what was going on here,  I kept the second to last picture in the batch because it reminds me of what was really happening when we took these pictures! We had pulled over on the side of the road while we were on a drive, and I was going to take a quick picture of this sweater because I mentioned I would in my stories! This little third child said that he wanted to take some, too, so we got out and here they are! I’m so glad he wanted to do that, because I’ll take any pictures I can get of these busy babies of mine! On this drive, I stopped at SWIG and got a fruit water, and as I went to drink it, I spilled it all over myself. I pulled over and tried to clean up the mangoes and strawberries that were everywhere, and this picture is the moment that I realized my shopping list was soaked and still in my pocket. And I hadn’t bought everything on the list since I decided to go to Costco with 5 small kids and had to leave early! Hahaha. Anyway, just wanted to share because as we already know, things in photos aren’t always as they seem!<3



Watch: ARVO

Toddler Outfit: H&M

Sweater: HERE

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