St. George Family Photos!

When we went to St. George a few months ago, we were sitting at a park while the kids were playing, and we met this most darling girl named Lauren!!! We made so many connections, and we decided to do the most impromptu photo shoot of all time!???? We didn’t have clothes with us, because it was also a super spontaneous trip, and we left with onlay the clothes on our backs (????,) so we drove to Gap, took advantage of a major sale they were having, and voila! Hahaha!

I’m so glad we met Lauren, and she is so talented! Having a Family photo shoot at the red rocks is a long time dream of mine, and we love them! If you’re in St. George, Utah after these quarantines are lifted, be sure to get in touch with her!♡ More photos on Instagram!



My Instagram: http://instagram.com/thedaintypear

Lauren’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/heylaurenjaymes

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