It’s no secret over here that I love shopping on Jane! I’ve been talking about them for years, but as we roll into the holidays, I wanted to share about how you can experience Jane this season! Last year, I probably bought 50% of gifts {for myself and others, haha!} on Jane, which made things so convenient. {It also couuuuld have been because I was up nursing an adorable baby forty million times per night nursing, but mainly because it was convenient. Hahah!} I liked that everything felt thought out and planned way ahead of time, and all I had to do was wrap it! Easy peasy for this Mama! Over the years, the app has become easier to navigate, and so user-friendly! {I’ve been shopping through them since before they had an app, so I feel like I can speak on this subject! ;)}

The search feature is also one of my favorite things that they have added, so when I’m looking for something as specific as a “Hallmark Christmas Sweater,” if there is a deal close to the description, it comes right up! Or, if I just want to peruse about the shoes or jeans {some of my favorites,} I just type in “shoes” or “jeans!” The deals change daily, so when you see something, snatch it! I talk about this shop so much, that I thought it might be helpful to go a little bit more in-depth about it! Also! Last year as the holidays approached, they had deals that said “Christmas delivery!” Also, if I have ever had a question or issue with my order, a Jane staff member has been so friendly and quick to reply and connect me with the seller! SO, if you are looking for a gift that must be there by then, keep an eye out for those! They also have some that will say “Free shipping” on a banner in the listing picture, which is always nice, too! 

Happy Jane shopping!



Shop: HERE

*Jane links are affiliate links, which means when you purchase something, I receive a small commission, but it doesn’t in any way affect the price that you pay! Also, as ALWAYS, all opinions are mine, baby mine!;)



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