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I feel like this Christmas season sneaked right on up on us! Maybe it was how long it took to snow, maybe it was busyness with work, and family, and stomach flus. When Christmastime comes, I find myself longing for that “FEELING” that Christmas brings-with Christmas Movies, and Music, and the oven hot. We haven’t gotten to as much of that yet this year, but as I was studying for this talk and was reading about The Savior’s birth, I was immediately filled with that “feeling.” It actually started when we were setting up for an activity here at the church, and I walked by a piece of art of the Savior, and I stopped. I was filled with “that feeling.” It was like walking by a picture of a friend, and it was a great moment of realignment for me. The reason we do all of it this season is because of and FOR Him.

I love this quote by Jeffrey R. Holland:

Remember: “But first and forever there was just a little family, without toys or trees or tinsel. With a baby—that’s how Christmas began.”

The Church did a virtual Christmas Concert this year, and I wanted to read a part to you that I wrote down because I thought was so beautiful. Also, the music was incredible, if you get a chance to watch it! The following was said by Dave Butler:

“We do things differently at Christmastime. We make our houses look different, the music we listen to, the food and traditions we anticipate are all unique to this time of year.

We interrupt the ordinary rhythm of life to make room for something holy.

We make room for remembering, for giving, for forgiveness, for hope, for love, we make room for Jesus.

Just like those first witnesses when He was born. The first Christmas was an interruption that made room for something more. Something better.

If you could choose to have been there that night, I wonder who you would choose to be! Would you be the tender Joseph who approached the night with quiet care?

Would you be the gentle mother, who pondered the things of holiness in her heart?

Would you be the humble shepherds and run with the sound of good news? Or the wiseman from the East, journeying far to worship.

Each of them experienced the first Christmas differently, and their stories remind us that ANYONE may serve as a witness, no matter their background, education, or experience. The young and old, the wise and unlearned, the confident and the insecure.

We can all add our voices, just like that first choir of angels did. Perhaps you would choose to be one of them? Perhaps you WERE one of them.

And that’s why their song echos with such familiar delight. Would it have been as glorious if one of them were missing? No matter the size of style of their contribution, TOGETHER they sang the song that still echos through hearts today. A song inspired by a gift.

Christmas is a time of gifts, every kid knows that. Kids look forward to gifts with such anticipation. It’s usually one of the only times they receive gifts they could perhaps never obtain on their own. Because usually the more unobtainable a gift is, the better it seems.

Maybe that’s why adults lose the magic of Christmas sometimes, because often they can buy whatever they want and nothing seems unobtainable in today’s world.

WHAT MAKES CHRISTMAS SO SPECIAL is it was the giving of the most unobtainable gift of all. The gift of a baby boy who would offer his life for all of us. Giving us the unobtainable gifts of second chances, healing, hope, and life everlasting. That was the greatest of all gifts, sent straight from heaven. Wrapped in swaddling clothes on that first Christmas morning.

Tonight I add my witness to yours. May we all acknowledge and share our witness of the greatest gift the world has ever received. And may that gift interrupt our lives and lead us to live differently.”

President Russell M. Nelson said, “This Christmas, some are still waiting for the lights to come on again. That is why we love to share the light of Jesus Christ, when so many around us are burdened with fear and uncertainty!

I invite you to make room in your heart for those who may be struggling to see the light of the Savior and to feel His love. No gifts will mean as much as acts of pure love you offer to the lonely, the worn down, and the weary. These are gifts that remind us and them of the true reason for the season. The Gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who was born to cast out all fear and bring everlasting light and JOY to all who follow Him.”

I love my Savior, and am so grateful for His Birth, Ministry, Sacrifice, Love, and Example to me! Merry Christmas, from our family to yours!

Sarah @thedaintypear

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