Blossoms at the Capitol

It felt like we were transported to another country today with all these stunning blossoms! But they were right in our own backyard at the Capitol Building! Happy Spring! Also, Tom is rocking one of our The Dainty Pear Co. shirts that should be available in the shop soon!♡

Also! We had dinner for the first time at Cucina Toscana, and it was delicious. I had a gnocchi with spicy pomodoro sauce, and butter sage ricotta ravioli. (It was as good as it sounds! Hahah!) And we had a charcuterie board for an appetizer (if you know me, you ‘are not surprised right now. LOVE A charcuterie board!) I also got a blackberry Italian Soda. You guys, I love foooood! Pretty sure trying different places and soaking in delicious new food is one of my favorite hobbies. Haha!


Dress: https://bit.ly/3a1dYMY

Hat: https://bit.ly/2ODLtxj

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