I know we talked about how positive thoughts and Bible study aren’t always the only solution, but I also think that it does help in so many important ways. I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you!“Make up your mind to be happy – even when you don’t have money, even when […]

Introducing: KUZCO!🦙 Our 6 month old baby alpaca finally has a name.😊 Who helped name this one?! There were a lot of Cusco/Kuzco suggestions! Thank you! We love The Emporer’s New Groove.🥰 Also, this was his face after he saw that we had food! Hahahah! XO Sarah  #thedaintypear#tdpfarmfam View this post on Instagram A post […]

The past couple of years, one of my new healthy obsessions has been ART! We have a mixture in our home of new art, vintage and antique pieces, etc. It’s been so fun to curate it and fall in love with certain paintings! I have been following this company called North and Finch on social […]

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again…we love our Vivint System.😊 We have been customers for years, (long before becoming a Vivint Partner,) and as a Mama to 5 babies and small farm to run, I love knowing that I can keep tabs on what is going on in and around […]

This is Kristoff. He is playful and tough at the same time. A strapping, macho, and dapper cow. He is so much fun! It has been so much fun having him on our little farm! He loooves oats, (and food in general,) and will plow over any of the other animals who get in the […]

I loved getting to work with Zurcher’s (Pronnounced Zer-kers) over the summer on some decorations for our daughter’s birthday! Our youngest baby turned THREE (WHAT!?!? Insert crying faces! BUT she is so much fun, so I’ll forgive her for getting so big so quickly.) I love going into the store when getting ready for a […]