Spent 30-something hours in the PNW before flying home, and packed in as much as possible! Doughnuts 🍩 , hot dogs 🌭, tulips🌷, visiting 93 year old Grandpa 👴🏼, boating on the Columbia 🏞, watching somebody win the lottery and scream their face off in a restaurant, lots of strawberry shakes🍓, and soaking in all […]

We talk a lot about Anxiety over in this little online space, but that’s because I went so many years being ashamed of having anxiety, and one day realized that SO MANY people have it, but nearly nobody was talking about it. And I had enough. I wanted to share my experiences in hopes of […]

You know you’ve gotten too into the farm thing when you get shoes to match your yaks.🤣😜💕 Have you ever wanted to live on a farm?!! Tell me everything!🤗#thedaintypear #tdpfarmfam Dress: https://bit.ly/3t84erp

I know of no sign on the doors of our meetinghouses that says, “Your testimony must be this tall the enter.” -Dieter F. Uchtdorf.Loved hearing the sweet testimonies of people at church in person today!💕 Also, this photo… I look weird, but love this pic of the kids!😂💕 Happy Sunday! #thedaintypear #tdpsundaythought #HisDay #HearHim #ComeUntoChrist […]

“In these days of worldly intrusions into our lives, when trials and difficulties may seem to engulf us, let us remember our own special spiritual experiences. These building blocks of faith will bring us conviction and reassurance of a caring, loving Father in Heaven, of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and of Their restored […]

I know we talked about how positive thoughts and Bible study aren’t always the only solution, but I also think that it does help in so many important ways. I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes with you!“Make up your mind to be happy – even when you don’t have money, even when […]