I FINALLY tried this foundation that has inundated my instagram and Facebook ads! Hahahaha. The products are linked below, and the video is as well!!!:) IL MAKIAGE FOUNDATION REVIEW I took the quiz online. And it says it’s the most reviewed foundation online. I got the shade 105. I was worried that I got it […]

Oh HEY!👋🏼 We took the babies on a weekend away for my birthday and I didn’t have my phone most of the time, (which I love!🥰) But I also love hanging here with you guys, and we are stoked to announce the winners of the 5 cookbooks from my previous post tomorrow!!!🎉💕 Hope you’re having […]

I feel like this Christmas season sneaked right on up on us! Maybe it was how long it took to snow, maybe it was busyness with work, and family, and stomach flus. When Christmastime comes, I find myself longing for that “FEELING” that Christmas brings-with Christmas Movies, and Music, and the oven hot. We haven’t […]

I went to the store here the other day with the three girls. The checker said, “Are these all your girls?” I said, yes! We have two boys also. They’re the best!” She asked what age I started having kids. When I said 21, she disappointedly threw her hands up and said, “Oh! So you […]

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Can you believe it’s been one year since our big fundraiser for O.U.R.!?!? CRAZY! I HAD THE BEST TEAM helping put this together. I ran into Janica, the owner of River Bottoms Ranch, and told her that I wanted to so something and she was immediately so supportive! We picked one of the (ONLY) free […]