As I was driving yesterday, I had the impression come to my mind: “Rebuild.” It was clear! Just a word. But what did it mean? I have rebuilt before. Businesses, relationships, testimony, lots of other things. Then I had memories flood in of being pregnant for many years, being so sick that I would nearly be crawling into the hospital for my IVs a few times a week, feeling so weak and sick through every pregnancy, but trying not to show it. My back teeth falling out from constant puking. And then nursing, sleep deprivation, and then caring for a lot of tiny babies. (Which is my favorite thing and such an incredible blessing.😭😍) Five kids in five years. It was a joy, but it was also hard! It felt like there were millions of diapers to be changed every day, sometimes every hour. I was and am SO grateful for every second of it! But I believe good and hard can coexist. Rebuild. Be gentle. There was a season where you were depleted. Rebuild. It won’t happen overnight. Rebuild. Eat clean, find the things your body is deficient in. Rebuild. Nourish yourself. Look at your situation from the outside in, instead of comparing your current self to your past self. You may be or look different in some ways, but you are much much better and wiser in other and more important ways. It took time to get where you are, it will take time to get to where you want to be. Rebuild. “Be still and know that I am God.”
These thoughts came after praying to know how to help my body. My POTS has been acting up, and I tested positive for an autoimmune but won’t know which until I can get into a rheumatologist. After feeling like I’ve been fighting with my body or discouraged that I my body didn’t “bounce back” after a dark time during a bad phase of postpartum depression and facing past traumas, I had a moment of clarity where I felt calm and gentle. Pray in specifics to Heavenly Father. He knows you, and can help you know what YOU personally need in any certain moment. I know that was a lot of personal things, but hoping it can help someone! Love you, friends! Happy Wednesday.💕 #thedaintypear#worshipwithTDP 📷: @valoryjean

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