Sphincters and Childbirth

*Quick note about the video: In one line, I say, “The more comfortable you are, the more successful it’s going to be.” Just wanted to make a note so that it’s perfectly clear that it’s referring to the sphincter relaxing that will be more successful! There’s no such thing as a birth that isn’t successful! Every Mom, every Baby, every avenue of labor and delivery, it is ALL beautiful, perfect, and successful in its own way! Yay for birth and for celebrating it in every way, shape, and form that it may come!*

Who says childbirth has to be a serious and scary? {Of course, in the right situation, with an uncomplicated labor, which the great majority are!} things can actually be really fun! Afterall, you are about to bring new life into the world…and although it can seem heavy and maybe even overwhelming, that also seems like a pretty exciting thing! I understand that it can be scary, though, there’s no denying the anxious jitters or plain out fear that can take over when you don’t know what to expect. So it feels important to say that women have been birthing for thousands of years! Your body knows what to do. And if you are having a medicated birth, or an Unmedicated birth at a hospital or birthing center, your medical personnel know what to do, too. Even though three of our four births have been Unmedicated, I still have always loved being at the Hospital where people smarter than me in these types of situations are there to help and make sure everything is going smoothly! But as for my sweet friends who love their Home-Births, during an uncomplicated  childbirth {and MOST are!} that’s a great option too. Your body really does know what it’s doing! And how lucky are we that for the most part, we can choose where and how we birth! We aren’t limited to the woods, or the plains, or in a stream, {although some people legitimately choose to do that!} And no matter the avenue of birth, it’s all beautiful!:) And fun! My hubby is pretty convenient to bring along to births…okay, he’s the best thing ever, not only because he’s my rock and support, but also because he’s funny. He can crack me up even during the nervous moments or in between the toughest contractions.

Here is some science behind laughter during labor! We’ve talked about low noises before {here,} and laughter has the same effect. When your sphincters are relaxed, {the cervix is a sphincter!}they an function properly, and as t relates to this, you are able to dilate and progress in labor. Laughter not only sends signals to your brain of happiness and therefore being relaxed, but I want you to try to clench up every muscle in your body right now. Now try to laugh out loud while still being clenched! It doesn’t quite work too well. When you are giving a natural laugh, your muscles are automatically more loose. And THAT is a plus!:) If you need a laugh today, below is a little video that I found that had me cracking up! Don’t be afraid to make labor and delivery an enjoyable, fun experience!:)



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