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Okay, I still feel incredibly awkward posting a “selfie portrait!” {Hahaha!} But just wanted to post an update and say HELLO to any new friends!:) Thanks for visiting thedaintypear.com! 

I’m Sarah! I’m working super hard on all the orders that have been placed and they should all be out by the middle of the week! I’m so grateful for everyone and their patience while the shop has had a little delay taking all the orders with the Christmas Coupon Code! {CHRISTMASINSEPTEMBER for 25% off!} 

Also! The date that the shop will be closed MIIIIIGHT be moved up to after this coupon code is over! Because this weather has me itching to drink some hot cocoa with my babies and take little fall hikes!🍂 So there are 5 days to get in orders until the new year! {With maybe one surprise day in between!} Don’t you fret! There will be giveaways and fun collaborations in between, but the shop will be taking a break!:) 

ALSO, I know I don’t say much about it, but still loving LipSense! You can find it right here at thedaintypear.com under the tab “LipSense” at the top of the page, and it will be shipped from the company straight to you! 

ALSO, super side note…I’m terrible at doing my own brows, so thanks to Karli at Elevate Salon for helping me out!

Haha! Thanks for sticking with me, I’ve said it before but I’ll continue to say that The Dainty Pear has the best customers and friends here!:) Thank you!



Necklace: The Dainty Pear “The Harper” with Anniversary {THIS ONE}

Sweater: Costco

Shirt: Jane.com {Click HERE}

Lipstick: LipSense {Order HERE}

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