Enjoying each age and stage♡

I was the mom who had five kids in five years, five kids in diapers or pull-ups at a time, five little ducklings walking in front of or behind me, five kids stacked into a shopping cart. It was incredibly wild, stressful, fun, and magical! I truly loved it and enjoyed it! (I think you can still love it and enjoy something and be on the verge of mental breakdown at all times🤣🤣🤣) Now, our youngest is four, turning five this year! I felt like so much of my identity was wrapped up and tied into being the mom with all these little kids, and as they start to grow it’s so weird not being someone with a baby on my hip!😭🥰💕 Luckily they still give me all the snuggles! Enjoy those newborn smells and cuddles, The words that toddlers mispronounce, the chaos of buckling tiny ones into their car seats for what feels like the millionth time in one day! Because I swear you blink and they are buckling themselves, having a conversation like an adult! (Which is also SO DANG FUN!😍) The thought of them getting bigger used to send me into fetal position and tears, and as we ease into it, I’m loving each age and stage!💕 If you’re in a hard season of tiny babies, YOU’VE GOT THIS!♥️ #thedaintypear #tdpyoutube

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