Matching Babies might just be what dreams are made of! I saw these a couple of months ago in the store, and had to snag them for each of the girls! The inner little girl in me is geeking out a little bit!;) Hahaha! Happy Thursday! XO Sarah Shirts: HERE and on sale for $10! Matching babies […]

We took our kids to see The Incredibles 2 for opening day today! We couldn’t get a family picture at the theater, since after the movie, one baby at a time was slowly breaking down while another dragged herself on the theater floor and licked the carpet. The usual. Hahaha. So here is one from the […]

I got to go to the Temple tonight with one of my besties, and it was so much fun! As I was getting changed inside the dressing room, I was hurrying as fast as I could! The Temple Session wasn’t starting for 20 minutes, but I was still moving so quickly, probably out of habit. […]

Loved getting to hear so much wisdom from this beautiful and fun woman at 85 years young! XO Sarah Turtleneck: HERE Sunglasses: HERE Pants: HERE                  

Today, my sweet 19 month old was sad in her crib. Sometimes when I know she’ll go back to sleep, I’ll let her stay in and wait it out. But today, I decided to get her out and snuggle. I sat her on the couch, felt her soft face, swept her sticky hair over her […]

It was such a treat to get to talk to some of you on Instagram Live today, even though I didn’t mean to do that, it turned out to be fun! We talked about Letter Boards that are on sale, YouTube, Motherhood, Anxiety, Birth, Sick Pregnancies, and a bunch of random stuff! Haha! But best […]