Benefits of Traveling with Kids

On this month’s segment of Good Things Utah, we chatted about the benefits of taking your kids with you when you travel! I also loved having 2 of my babies at the station with me! You can find the video segment here:

Sarah Clark || The Dainty Pear

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My husband and I love taking time to travel together, but we also REALLY love traveling with our kids! It can be a lot more work and isn’t always “picture perfect” for sure, but we have seen many benefits to it as well! I grew up traveling to different countries to my family, and I really believe the world was an amazing “classroom!”

Traveling as a family can feel overwhelming or expensive, but it doesn’t have to be fancy! Hopping in the car and going on a staycation, camping, or even just doing a day-trip, especially in our beautiful state, can be an amazing experience, too!

-Helps kids adapt to change and be flexible.

-It helps them stay curious and adventurous.

-It exposes them to new cultures, food, and how others live. 

-It can foster gratitude. We have seen people living in many different and unfavorable conditions, and it helps put into perspective many things you can be thankful for.

-Teaches responsibility and how to be capable. There is a certain accountability that comes with a child learning what they need to pack, how to behave on a flight or in a restaurant, and how to be safe in a new place!

-It creates AMAZING connection and special family memories! We always leave trips with inside jokes, photos to look back on, and more in common than when we left.


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