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Hi! I'm Sarah

Wife, Mama to 5 kids-ages 3-8, business owner, YouTuber, Blogger, Licensed Esthetician, and Birth Doula! I love coaching and empowering women through the Birth experience. On my blog and various channels, we also talk about Anxiety and PPD, and I am passionate about helping others not feel alone in their journey! Thanks for being here, I love getting to know you!

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The past couple of years, one of my new healthy obsessions has been ART! We have a mixture in our home of new art, vintage and antique pieces, etc. It’s been so fun to curate it and fall in love with certain paintings!

I have been following this company called North and Finch on social media for awhile, and was excited to collaborate with them!

They were so kind to send me a print. But then I also went on their website, went a litttttle crazy and bought up some more gorgeous pieces! I am picturing a gallery wall, but also wanted some for the rooms we are working on with Heather from House Sprucing!

The textures on the prints almost look like original artwork, and I’m so happy with how they turned out!

You can use the code THEDAINTYPEAR for 15% off, and can visit their website HERE!

Here are the links to some frames I bought!

Frame #1 (4 pack): HERE

Black 11×14 Frame: HERE

16×20 Natural Wood Frame: HERE


I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again…we love our Vivint System.😊 We have been customers for years, (long before becoming a Vivint Partner,) and as a Mama to 5 babies and small farm to run, I love knowing that I can keep tabs on what is going on in and around my home from anywhere in the world.♡ Head to the link to see more: Also! You can use PEARDBC for a free Doorbell Camera Pro! (Conditions apply!)♡ #thedaintypear #whyvivint #tdpyoutube



This is Kristoff. He is playful and tough at the same time. A strapping, macho, and dapper cow. He is so much fun!

It has been so much fun having him on our little farm! He loooves oats, (and food in general,) and will plow over any of the other animals who get in the way!😅 I have been in the way before when he’s trying to eat or drink and he’s a strong “little” cow!😂 Honestly, I was a little scared. Hahaha. But that’s not a surprise-I’m still learning to not be skittish when they get a little aggressive! (Animal instincts are for real, even if he is super sweet!😊)

Hope you had fun meeting Kristoff today!



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